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CCTV 3+1 Premium Cable

  • DCC-WHI-180 is a Copper braiding CCTV cable.
  • This CCTV 3+1 construction cable is of hybrid type with combination of Communication and Electrical conductors.
  • The 3 power cores enables powering of the CCTV camera while the communication cable(Video Core) enables recording of images and communicating with control
  • Room devices based on camera capabilities.
  • Flame Retardant cable
  • Complete Reliability
  • High Quality Copper wire
  • Supports Hybrid Cable
  • Shielded Communication Cable
  • Copper Braiding

  D-LINK 3+1 STANDARED Datasheet

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CCTV cable

Color & Material of Outer Sheath FR PVC_White (IEC 60332-1)
Cable Diameter (Oval) 5.9 +/-0.4mm
Jacket Thickness 0.70 + /- 0.2mm
Inner Conductor Copper
No. of Conductors 1
Dielectric Solid PE
Color Natural
Diameter 0.51+/ -0.2mm
Thickness 1.31+/- 0.2mm
Shield – Copper colour Aluminum myler tape (Copper colour Aluminum Myler tape)
Shield – Braiding Copper braiding
Dia. of Braid Wire 0.09 +/- 0.02mm
No. of Braiding wires 48
Coax jacket PVC Type ST1
Colour Black
Thickness 0.40 +/ – 0.02mm
III) Insulated Cores Type A
Core Colour Red, Yellow, Grey, Blue
No. of Strands 14
Strand Diameter 0.1+/- 0.02mm
Insulation PVC Type A
Thickness (Average) 0.40 +/- 0.02mm
Diameter (Average) 1.18+/- 0.2mm



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