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  • CP-UVR-0401E1-CS

    2,711.86 2,203.39

    Key Features

    • Auto Adaptive HDCVI/AHD/TVI/CVBS/IP signals
    • Support upto 2MP IP Camera
    • Max 20Mbps Incoming Bandwidth
    • All channel 1080P Lite Realtime Recording
    • Support 1 SATA HDD up to 6TB, 2 0
    • HDMI / VGA Simultaneous Video Output
    • 264 dual-stream Video Compression
    • Mobile Software: iCMOB, gCMOB
    • CMS Software: KVMS Pro


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  • DS-7100HQHI-K1

    2,966.10 2,542.37

    Key Feature

    • 265 Pro+/H.265 Pro/H.265 video compression
    • HDTVI/AHD/CVI/CVBS/IP video input
    • Audio via coaxial cable
    • Up to 6/12/24-ch IP camera inputs (up to 6 MP)
    • 800 m for 1080p and 1200 m for 720p HDTVI signal
    • Up to 6 TB capacity per HDD

    Compression and Recording

    • 265 Pro+ can improve encoding efficiency and reduce the data storage cost
    • Full channel recording at up to 4 MP lite resolution

    Storage and Playback

    • Smart search for efficient playback
    • Support the 3rd party cloud storage (Dropbox/Google Drive/Microsoft OneDrive)

    Network & Ethernet Access

    • Hik-Connect & DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name System) for easy network management
    • 24/48/96 Mbps incoming bandwidth and output bandwidth limit configurable


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  • DS-7B04HUHI-K1

    5,508.47 4,830.51

    Video Input and Transmission

    • Self-adaptive HDTVI/HDCVI/AHD/CVBS signal input
    • Up to 2-ch 6 MP IP cameras input
    • 5 MP/4 MP HDTVI video input and live view
    • Defogging function enabled for the supported analog cameras
    • Long distance transmission over UTP and coaxial cable: max. 800m for 1080p and 1200m for 720p HDTVI signal
    • Datasheet

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  • SS-8041-TPHD-M1

    2,966.10 2,203.39
    • 4 Channels 1080N HD XVR Standalone with 1 SATA
    • A Professional 4 Channels 1080N HD H.265+ Hardware Compression Standalone.
    • Supports Mobile Viewing on iPhone and Android Mobiles.
    • It has Turbo Mode which means that you can connect Analogue Cameras, IP Cameras and HD Cameras on the same device.
    • It has one of the easiest Playback and Backup modes. The Device GUI is very User Friendly.



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    2,118.64 1,864.41
    • Support VGA, HDMI full HD output simultaneously;
    • Support ONVIF; access third party;
    • Support multiple cloud technology, network penetration, alarm information pushed to your phone and other functions;
    • Support web, CMS, center platform management software MYEYE, provide SDK development;
    • Support various mobile monitoring (iPhone, Android);
    • Remote Access, With DNS (ARSP),easy to monitor remotely
    • Support UTC, control signal& video stream transmit through one single coaxial Support AHD/TVI/CVI/CVBS/IP five signals; Support XVIimage quality is better;
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  • XVR4B04

    2,966.10 2,203.39

    4/8 Channel Penta-brid 1080N/720P Cooper 1U Digital Video Recorder

    > H.265+/H.265 dual-stream video compression
    > Supports HDCVI/AHD/TVI/CVBS/IP video inputs
    > Max 5/10 channels IP camera inputs, each channel up to 2MP/6MP; Max 20/40Mbps Incoming Bandwidth
    > Long transmission distance over coax cable
    > Supports 1 SATA HDD, up to 6TB


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